The Tensta-Hjulsta Women’s Centers’ is a members-led association and its activities are constantly developed, with new initiatives emerging and driven by its members, who support and inspire each other. The association contributes to increasing women’s opportunities for influence and involvement in societal structures, especially at local level. The center is located close to Tensta swimming pool which includes a pool, water gym, swimming training and sauna for women. The room at Glömmingegränd 31 is used to meet and socialie, study, sew and cook.

Teachers and members who speak multiple languages ​​offer interpretation as needed. On the bulletin board you can read about study visits, and information about the Women’s Centers’ activities. In the Women’s Centre’s premises there is an office for the administration of the association. Telephone and a photocopier are available to members. We try to help the members with practical problems, such as filling in forms, booking doctor’s appointments or finding information on the internet.

We urge women who are exposed to violence in the family, repression or other abuse to come and seek help at the Women’s Centre. We can provide help to contact women’s shelters, hospitals, police, social services and other things that women are in need of. Several women at the women’s center are trained women’s shelter women and the association is a member of the women’s shelter organization Unizon. The Women’s centre is a free zone for women, a safe place where we care and help each other.